What do I get?

The Pyrosecure Home Pack comprises of :

10 ACT-P Stickers

30cm of ACT Pyrocord

Complimentary Fire Safety and Personal Accident Policy with Rs.2 Lacs

Warranty certificate

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About Us

ACT Pyrosticker and Pyrocord are uniquely innovated products, designed using nanotechnology, to suppress fire accidents caused due to electrical short circuits. These are miniature devices which can be fixed inside the electrical plug points, switch boards and MCB Boxes in homes and small offices, to cover the vulnerable points. In the eventuality of an electrical short-circuit inside the switch board or plug point, the fire will be suppressed instantly inside the box itself and will not be allowed to spread out of the box to create further damage.

A unique technology innovation in the field of fire safety of homes and offices.

Protect your valuable homes, property and lives with this simple yet effective Product - Pyrosecure Home Pack

Where to use

  • The application is very easy and each of the 10 stickers have to be fixed inside the vulnerable plug points at your home or office.
  • Plug points, switch boxes like AC, TV, Fridge, Geyser, Oven, Risky points near wooden furniture, curtains etc.
  • The 30cm of Pyrocord has to be fixed inside the MCB/ELCB Box (main panel box) of your home or office.
  • This way you cover all your vulnerable points for utmost fire safety for your Home or Office.

Other Features

No Wiring

No Sensors

No Detectors

No Refilling

No Maintenance

This is a unique patented technology product which self detects and activates in the event of fire arising out of electrical short circuits.

Product life span is 60 months. Important points:

  • Do not try to remove the Pyrosticker once it is fixed inside the plug point or switch box.
  • Do not scratch the activated part with any sharp object
  • Keep the product away from water, once the sticker is wet it will lose its activation capability

How to Install?