Automatic Fire Suppression Technology


Innovative Solution for controlling fire accidents arising

from Electrical Shortcircuits

Pyrosticker, Pyrocord

Patented technology that has no world analogues
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ACT PYROSTICKER is a miniature self-contained, automatic local fire suppression installation, designed with application of ACT technology. Intended for protection against inflammation of electric sockets, junction boxes, power distribution boards (electric cabinets) and other electrical equipment having confined space of 0.02 to 60 dm3 (cubic decimeters). PYROSTICKER is a flexible plate of composite fire suppressing material carried by self-adhesive substrate. Method of mounting gluing horizontally over a potential source of ignition.

​PYROSTICKER is designed for use in residential premises, for it can doze extinguishing agent releasing it in strictly limited amount, if necessary (when the operation temperature is reached). Thus, maximal safety for humans is ensured.
ACT PYROCORD is an innovative self-contained stand –alone fire extinguishing device designed with application of ACT technology, having the features of self-activating fire extinguisher, with thermally activated gas discharging fire retardant agent to provide fire protection for electrical equipment confined in local spaces.

This innovative product combines the now widely accepted and well-proven method of fire retardant agent microencapsulation with breakthrough method of gas discharging.

PYROCORD is a new generation of fire suppressing products. The PYROCORD innovative product is a cord of composite material being a mixture of microcapsules with a heating compound. PYROCORD is placed within the protected local space so that it is located over each potential source of inflammation.


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Globally more than 3 million


More than 70 % of fires

Happen because of short circuit

More than US$ 1 Billion

Economic damage

Lacs of Victims and Injured Worldwide

As the result of fires
This could be avoided by means of neutralization fire
Public transport
Public transport
Underground, railways objects, urban ground public transport etc.
Buildings of permanent, temporary residence of people
Buildings of permanent, temporary residence of people
Residential houses, hotels, halls of residence, hospitals, pre-school educational institution, homes for the elderly and disabled etc.
Buildings of entertainment, cultural and educational institutions
Buildings of entertainment, cultural and educational institutions
Theaters, cinemas, concert halls, night clubs, circuses, sports constructions with stands, libraries and other institutions in closed buildings, museums, exhibitions, dance halls and other similar institutions.
Buildings of the public service organization
Buildings of the public service organization
Buildings of sales management, buildings of catering arrangement, railway stations, health centers and ambulance stations, buildings for visitors of organizations of household and public services, fitness and health centers, athletic-training institutions, personal service rooms, baths.
Buildings of scientific and educational institutions
Buildings of scientific and educational institutions
Schools, universities, colleges
Scientific and project organizations, governing board institutions
Scientific and project organizations, governing board institutions
Buildings of general educational institutions and additional educational institutions for children, educational institutions of elementary vocational and secondary vocational education, buildings of governing board, development organs, information, editorial and publishing organizations, scientific organizations, banks, counting-houses, offices, buildings of fire stations.
Buildings for industrial and warehouse purposes
Buildings for industrial and warehouse purposes
Industrial buildings, constructions, buildings, industrial and laboratory premises, workshops.
Warehouse and technical buildings
Warehouse and technical buildings
Structures, buildings, car parks, storerooms, archives, warehouses, buildings for agricultural purposes.
Special objects
Special objects
Objects of the military-industrial complex, objects of defense production, military equipment.


'PyroSecure is a brand owned by DNY Hospitality Pvt Ltd who is the exclusive distributor & licensee for ACT, brand of microencapsulated fire suppressant technology, for India..

ACT technology uses microencapsulation technique to encapsulate fire extinguishing agent in a very compact area in the form of Stickers, Cords & Paint each one of this product is capable to insure fire suppression when the temperature they are designed for is reached.

Applications : Residential Buildings, Railways, Ships, Planes, Junction Boxes, Electrical Panels, Electronic devices Oil & gas production facilities, Refinery’s, etc...

ACT products are an Innovative Standalone Fire Suppression System right at the source of inflammation.


  • Certification

    "Certificates”, “Emercom Recommendation” and “Russian Regulation Recommendation" Certificates of Conformity - View Certificate Certificate for Hygiene: Ministry of Defence of Russia Confirmity Mark - (Fire & safety certificate , award of conformity mark ) : Scientific Technical Centre, “POG-AUDIT, Moscow.” Fire Safety Certificate - (Compliance for Fire combustibility, group, Smoke forming group, toxicity group, and effectiveness as per Specification & Standards ) : Scientific Technical Centre, “POG-AUDIT, Moscow.”

  • Safety Data Sheet

    Dekra DEKRA Assurance Services GmbH

  • Test Report
  • Awards

    Day of advanced technologies and innovations in the system of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, May 4, 2010 Gold medal for "Putting out fires using nanomaterial carrier gas fire extinguishing agents.

    Day of advanced technologies and innovations in the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, 2011 Bronze medal for the development of "complex technological objects of fire extinguishers for different purposes.

    6th International Exhibition "Protection, Security and Fire Safety" 2010 DIPLOMA Offeror "Best Innovative Product", MIPS 2010.

    International Salon "Integrated Safety and Security 2011" diploma of the winner in the nomination "The best integrated solutions in the field of industrial safety"

    17th International Exhibition "Protection, Security and Fire Safety», MIPS 2011. The company has received high praise for the achievements of professionals in the security industry.

    Diploma of the International Salon "Integrated Safety and Security." ISSE 2011.

    Diploma of the 11th Moscow International Exhibition "Oil and Gas / MIOGE 2011".

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